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Kitui Development Centre (KDC) is a registered local non-profit making organization working in the larger Kitui County of Eastern Kenya.  Kitui Development Centre was registered as an autonomous organization in 2001 under the NGO Coordination Act of 1990.  In January 2010 KDC got a permit from the NGO Coordination Board to work in the Lower Eastern Province of Kenya. Kitui Development Centre is a capacity building organization involved in rural development activities which are geared towards poverty reduction. The organizations program focus includes Food Security and Agri-business (FSA), Child Protection (CP), Environmental Conservation and Climate Change (ECC), Community Health and Nutrition (CHN), Community Social -Capital Development (CSD). The organization’s project geographical coverage is in eight sub counties of Kitui Central, Kitui West, Kitui East, Kitui South, Kitui Rural, Mwingi North, Mwingi Central and Mwingi West.  The organization has played a significant role in the socio-economic development of the project area since its services targets and benefits the poor and vulnerable communities. Among the strategies used in the local resource mobilization for wealth creation includes formation and training of the SHGs/VSLA approach on a savings and lending culture.

KDC facilitates the community to identify the pressing needs and set objectives. A holistic and participatory approach is used to develop an appropriate plan of action. The needs which emerge from the community are then translated into projects. Key to that is the facilitation of positive attitudes change to the poor and marginalized communities. This empowerment leads the community to change of negative attitude, behavior and practices in order to live a life of greater hope and dignity. KDC projects are initiated with a sustainability strategy to minimize project abandonment after the funding.


Kitui development centre is geared towards ensuring that every individual in the community has an equal chance of gaining experience in their career path.

We offer Attachment and internships for students with the below Courses and related fields;

1. Community Development and Social work

2. Community Health

3. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

4. Finance and Accounting

5. Project Management

6. Human Resource Management

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